We specialise in custom websites for charities and churches.

"Interface Websites" is a Christian web creation business dedicated to providing top class websites for all our clients: businesses, charities or churches. Our websites are created by designers and developers who have worked in the church and charity sectors for many years.
We have seen and experienced the increasing impact of technology on websites for (especially) charities and churches and the way the voluntary sector presents itself to the world electronically.
We also know the need for all our clients to keep drawing new business or donations and we help by keeping up with web development trends and making full use of today's technological advances. Keep scrolling down to find out more about us and our  key values.

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Our Work

Below are some of the projects we have successfully completed.
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Our Websites

All our websites are built using our own custom content management system. We do this because
almost all the big "off the shelf" site-building systems are complex and bloated,
offering you loads of options you might want and a load more you would never use.

Content Management

At the heart of an Interface website is a powerful and easy to use "drag and drop" editing system. This is backed up by our own site-building and news creation modules; all accessed through a clean and intuitive dashboard and with a complete set of video tutorials.

Our page editor comes complete with around 500 "snippets" to give you a multitude of layouts for all your pages. This includes a facility to insert tables in any snippet and add your own images anywhere. Of course all the pages on this site have been built with our own system too! 

From us you receive a site that is tailored to your own special needs, not a "catch all" solution that you will never use most of. Having said that, we can set you up with a "Wordpress" site if that best suits your needs or that is what you are used to.

Our Ethos

We create websites for both secular and Christian charities and organisations.
Our standards and work ethic are to the same highest standards for any client. We value all our clients equally.

Customer Service

We always aim to "go the extra mile" and so our customer service is personal. You will always have a direct email and phone link to your key developer, who will respond to your query or problem as soon as it is received.


 We will always be honest with you concerning our product, your project and our ability to complete it. We have access to other professionals should they be needed to fulfil your contract.


Might be a strange word to see in professional terms but we put a high priority on maintaining a good and friendly relationship with each of our clients. Even should you decide to leave us (hopefully not) we will assist you in the transition to the end.


As a Christian business, we hold to the statement of faith of the Evangelical Alliance.

As such, we maintain the right politely to decline to build a website that would promote or display material that runs contrary to Christian beliefs and practice.

Interface Websites

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