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Website security is a real nightmare!

You only have to watch the news or read a newspaper to see that the supply of people who get a kick out of destroying other people's online work is apparently endless and getting more devious and skillful by the day!But all is not lost! We use a web server company that has excellent data security (

The hosting review site assesses Hostdime as having "Excellent data security" and comments, "Stay confident that all of your company data is safe." It has been our experience too that Hostdime staff are very much on the ball,migliori siti repliche both prompting us with relevant upgrades and catching any intrusions that do happen very speedily.

Other features of our server setup that are relevant are :

We have our own dedicated server, isolated from infection from other computers.

We maintain a firewall and run regular anti-virus scans on every website

All websites are backed up every day to two separate backup drives, one on the server and one in the "cloud"

Each website client account is isolated from all the others on the server

Hostdime responds very fast to any security concerns

The server is automatically updated with the latest software versions to ensure security features are up to date

Despite all the above measures, the weakest points on any website are passwords! To help you maintain security at your end of the system, we offer advice during training on how to create strong, less "hackable" passwords.

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