What we can do for charities

Charities have potentially a much wider range of needs than churches and Interface Websites has been pleased to help a good number of charity clients achieve their varied requirements. Some of our clients have needed large multi-page sites with challenging "add-ons", while others just need a single page to give themselves a presence on the internet.

Some of our charity clients are shown on our Home Page. Besides "straight" information pages, here are some of the other projects we have carried out in recent years...

  • A document storage system to make  sensitive charity documents available to trustees online (currently holding 7,000+ files.
  • A catalogue of 4,000+ secondhand Christian books, available for churches in some of the world's poorer countries to request.
  • Two sites to download electronic resources for Bible teaching and preaching worldwide, where leaders cannot afford printed materials.
  • Online application forms for a girls' school, which are automatically saved to a spreadsheet for further work by the school.
  • A training course booking and payment system.
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Interactive world mapDownloadable preaching resourcesOnline application form

As we do with churches, we are happy to offer a single-page website for £200 only. Here are some examples...

Christian Singles site replica uhren

A site for Christian singles

Christian billboards

A Christian billboards ministry in Essex

A food bank in Croiydon

A testimonial from one of our clients...

Sovereign World Trust does wonderful work supplying churches and leaders all over the world with quality books for their ministry. We have built four separate sites for them, covering different aspects of their work and the Trust continues to be one of our longest-running clients.

Click the image to download the article they published about their relationship with Interface Websites.

Visit sovereignworldtrust.org

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