"Words cost nothing, but they build relationships!"

...which is why we are offering any church or charity a free and no-obligation "coffee cup consultation" to discuss any issues you may have around your website or social media platform. Sometimes we bash away at some course of action and realise it's not doing anything for us - but what to do next, or how to improve things?

Why "coffee cup"? Because we will sit down with your either over a real coffee or over the telephone. From our years of experience in the sector we both work in, we will help you to improve your internet presence and impact. And afterwards you are completely free to discontinue contact. You will receive no follow-up emails if that is your preference. Obviously we hope you will stay and continue to build a relationship and benefit from our training and experience. Read more about some of the issues you face and how we could help you below and then get in touch for your free consultation.
Cup of coffee

How can I be sure people are finding my website?

And how can I get more people to visit it?

That's down to what we call "SEO"

Making sure your site ranks in the top few on web searches is important for people to find you. We can suggest things you can do to make your website more visible online.

Are people finding my site but leaving again straight away?

Is your website attractive and readable?

Can it be read easily on phones and tablets? Is the layout helpful to visitors? We can offer advice for your webmaster to consider.

How can I use social media to boost my cause?

I don't know how to set up Facebook or how to advertise my cause or church

Social media is confusing!

We'll consider your needs and suggest the best platforms to appear on. And social media advertising can be very effective.

I have online donations set up, but no-one's using it!

Could be a lot of things.

We'll go through your site and help you make changes to encourage donations.

Interested in our offer?

Click below to go to our contact form. Tell us as much as you can about your web setup, including website address, Facebook page etc etc. If you want us to call you, include a number as well as your email address.

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