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Church Growth Trust is one of the UK's largest charities to promote and support the growth of evangelical churches. Besides owning many properties outright, they advise and support hundreds of others on maintaining their buildings. Alongside a website, Church Growth trust wanted to be able to provide to their clients copies of essential and sensitive church documents (deeds, trust documents etc), the physical originals of which need to be kept under lock and key centrally.

The system currently supports 179 separate clients with 95 accessing users and an overall total of just under 6,000 document copies.

To provide a storage system that is both secure and easy to update and operate, we built a custom "two factor" log in module, such that a simple password is insufficient to gain access. Each client must additionally know a pattern of points that is unique to them and which will strengthen the access system. This is similar to the mobile phone Android system for accessing your phone, only with greater strength. Features of the storage system we provided are :

  • Two-stage login system, similar to online banking, with all patterns and passwords strongly encrypted
  • "Pass-pattern" grid of random characters, within which each user has a unique pattern of points on the grid, known only to them
  • Isolation from any recognisable domain name, making it very hard to find the system externally
  • Three layers of administration: the person uploading documents plus two levels of access to the stored documents
  • Unlimited storage on our web server for the document copies

Docsafe file system
Only one central administrator can upload, edit or delete documents or their records, thus preventing any client from accidentally removing vital documents.

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