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page editor demonstration page

Click on the arrow top right to view and drag in any of the more than 500 top quality snippets listed. Use the drop-down at the top of the list to pick an area of snippet types or click "All" to see all 500!

Just note that this demo has a few limitations: it will allow you to insert images from your computer but not to access other images on our server. And nothing gets saved after you've finished playing!

So simple!

Drag and drop
Click on the arrow top right to view all code snippets, then use your mouse to drag one into place on the page. It will land where the grey line appears.

Then just edit
Alter text, add images, videos, tables, colours... change formatting using the toolbar that pops up on the left when you click in any text area.

Go ahead, you won't break anything! When you've finished, click on the link top left to return to our main site.



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