How we can help you with GDPR

The new GDPR legislation can be a nightmare to implement, even while we recognise its value to us and our clients in today's security-conscious world.

Automating data input and data control and putting more control into the hands of our clients is one of the keys to simplifying this task.

Here are a few ways in which Interface CMS can help :

GDPR illustration


We can set up two factor authentication so each of your individual clients can access their personal data securely.

Access control

We can arrange multiple levels of access to administrators to ensure they can do what they need to do but no more

Ease of input

We can create multi-part online forms for either you or your clients to input online all data that needs to be kept

Email input

Seeking "opt-in" consent from your clients can be done by email. We can provide you with simple "opt-in" choices on email templates

Peace of mind

We can help you reduce the stress of compliance by automating the GDPR process. Let your clients give you their data online, directly into your database, reducing your workload considerably

Your own data-bank

Don't need a new website as well? We can set up your online database on our server, separately to your existing website, further isolating you from potential security risks

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